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Most Recent Publications

The True Covenanter's Primer

Authors: Thomas Manton, Patrick Gillespie, John Howie, etc.

ISBN: 978-1-945138-03-4

Description: This little collection includes writings from Thomas Manton and Patrick Gillespie on Personal Covenanting and Private Vows. There are also four examples of personal covenanting included in the back of the book. The instruction will be helpful to those who have read William Guthrie’s Christian’s Great Interest and desire more concrete instruction on the exercise and duty that he presents at the end of his little devotional. In that regard, this is an ideal companion volume. The importance of what is presented should not be overlooked by those who desire to see the practice of social and national covenanting revived. Without a great company of people who are steadfast as personal covenanters, we have little reason to expect a community of people to be steadfast in national or church covenants. There was both sound theology and strong spirituality behind former reformation efforts. This volume will help readers ensure they are joining both together, and ready to do their part in the world-transforming work that is yet to be carried on.

The True Gospel Preached: Six Sermons on Galatians 2:21.

Author: Robert Traill

ISBN: 978-1-945138-00-3

Description: Preached about the year 1692, these sermons were first printed in the year 1778/1779, and again in 1810 and 1845. Herein is set forth the Gospel of God's Free and Sovereign Grace in Jesus Christ to unworthy sinners who are so foolishly inclined to set about the seeking of their reconcilation with God by the Law and their own righteousness. Traill also exposes both the extreme wickedness & fearful frequency of those sins contemplated in Galatians 2:21: frustrating the grace of God and making Christ's death to be in vain, in a manner which ought to be convicting even to those who think themselves least guilty of these sins. Here we have that Gospel Doctrine which was so masterfully defended by Traill in his Defence of the Protestant Doctrine of Justification, applied to the conscience in a very serious and soul-searching way.

Discourses on Scripture Psalmody in Praising God and Against Instrumental Music in Public Worship. (Booklet)

Author: Hugh Brown

Description: Published in 1859, these discourses, by a United Presbyterian pastor from New York, explain and defend many important principles of the Reformed Church in regard to worship, with particular application to the issues of exclusive psalmody and instrumental music, using Scripture, Reason, and the concessions of various adversaries of the Biblical doctrine of God's Worship. They also include much valuable historical information on the practices of both the Catholic church before the Reformation, and that part of the Catholic Church which participated in the Reformation (that is, the Protestant churches.) An appendix is included, containing the Ordinance of the English Parliament (1644) which commanded that all Organs be removed from the Churches throughout England, and required that all persons "at their peril, yield due obedience."

On Trading and Usury, 1524; and The Treatise on Usury, 1519 & 1520. (Booklet)

Author: Martin Luther

Description: This edition is retypeset from the Philadelphia Edition of The Works of Martin Luther, including the introduction of Charles Jacobs, with corrections, and a new Introduction. This little collection of Luther's publications sheds much light on present economic evils, from a persepective that is plainly Christian, as in, purely conform to the self-sacrificing example and injunctions of our Saviour.